The expert doctors at Fort Worth Hand Center regularly perform hand surgery to help relieve symptoms related to inflammation, injury, pain, or deformity. Other common surgeries repair nerves or tendons that cause uncomfortable symptoms like pain or limited range of motion.

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Debunking 7 Orthopedic Surgery Myths

You don’t have to be nervous when it comes to your first orthopedic surgery appointment. Many people seek treatment for a variety of conditions ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to broken bones, deformities, impingements, and more. And beyond helping you get back to living a pain-free, enjoyable life, your orthopedic surgeon is happy to answer

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Hand surgery

7 Most Common Types of Hand Surgery

If you’ve suffered any hand, finger, or wrist injury that hasn’t benefited from physical therapy, medication, or rest, orthopedic hand surgery is your best option. But if you’re apprehensive about this next step in recovery, don’t be. Many procedures are minimally invasive, meaning hand surgeons use cameras and tiny instruments the size of a pencil

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