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Fort Worth Hand Center
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 37 reviews
 by Martha E
Thanks a lot

I am completely grateful to Doctor Ryan Reardon, after performing carpal tunnel surgeries on both hands and treating me with a great attitude of humility and calling. I am grateful for taking care of me and for having freed me from so much pain at a time when I thought I could not bear it anymore since the pain invaded me strongly, I am completely grateful.

Thank you for giving us a 5-star recommendation. Martha! We are so pleased you had a great experience with Dr. Reardon.

 by Joy Schreiner
Highly recommend to anyone with hand issues!

What a nice surprise this office visit was for me. I was greeted immediately by the receptionist. She was friendly, witty, and efficient. She checked me in and I briefly waited before being called back for an X-ray of my thumb. The X-ray tech was pleasant and chatted with me while the X-ray was being performed. I was then escorted to a room to wait for Dr. Wroten’s PA to come speak to me. I settled into Netflix on my phone because you all know how long of a wait it can be once you are closed off in a room! Before I could even find a show to watch, Maddy the PA arrived and was excellent explaining my X-rays and plans for the future. She made sure I knew she would discuss findings with Dr. Wroten (who was INCREDIBLE to interact with when I had a very painful thumb injury and was so nervous about treatment options) and she answered all my questions thoroughly. Check out was quick and painless. All of that - total time from pulling into parking lot to pulling out of parking lot - 30 MINUTES!!! Highly recommend Dr. Wroten and his team to anyone with hand issues!

Wow Joy, Dr. Wroten, Maddy and our entire team appreciates your detailed 5-star review! We are honored you chose Fort Worth Hand Center to provide your specialty medical care. We are so happy that you are on your journey to healing.

 by Mickey Osborne

Dr. Eric Wroten is without a doubt the most caring, concerned and skilled surgeon I have ever been to. He repaired a torn ligament in my left hand and did surgery on my elbow for cubical tunnel. He is a very compassionate surgeon and puts a patient at ease. The entire office staff are excellent. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Wroten. If only all physicians were the same.

Mickey, thank you for your 5-star recommendation! We're so happy Dr. Wroten and our team have been able to provide your medical care.

 by Eric woolman
Great doc

Dr. Wroten is the best.... been fighting torn ig issues for almost 4 years. With no results from previous surgery. Dr. Wroten has done a great job on accessing and trying to fix my wrist!!! Great doctor who really cares. Thanks doc!!!

Thank you for giving us a 5-star recommendation. Eric! We are so pleased you had a good experience with Dr. Wroten and our team.

The best for skill, care, and efficiency

I have been a physician for 45years and increasingly lately as patient. I have seen thousands of patients and many medical practice offices. The team at The Fort Worth Hand Center is the best, bar none for skill, care, and efficiency. I would be happy to have you to share this opinion anywhere. Thank you, RSW

Dear Dr. Wilson, thank you for taking the time to provide us with 5 stars! We are so honored that you recommend our team.

 by Beverly Persons
Respects my time

I like that the staff treats me as though my own time is just as valuable as their own, & I appreciate that respectful attitude. The wait time for office appointments has never been more than 15 minutes for me. It's a refreshing change from medical offices (far too many in my opinion) that routinely run an hour or more behind on their scheduled appointments.

Hello Beverly, thank you for sharing your 5-star recommendation with the community. Yes, we do try very hard to stay on schedule. We appreciate you!

 by William Franklin
Fort Worth Hand Center covers all bases

Fort Worth Hand Center covers all bases, Quality of care, convenience, and comfort. FWHC has the best staff, and Madison is at the top, no offense Dr. W. Everyone makes me feel so special, super comfortable, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Proud to have been a patient for so many years. 5 stars in my book.

Thank you for this 5-star review, William! We appreciate you being a patient and helping spread the word about us. We’re here for you anytime.

 by John Morgan
The Best! Seriously!

As a musician and woodworker, my hands are extremely important to my livelihood. I have a few challenges because of arthritic changes in both hands. Dr. Wroten and Maddie Johnston, PA, are wonderful people and care providers who always make sure that my questions are answered and that I know my care options at each visit. I highly recommend the Ft. Worth Hand Center, Dr. Wroten, and P.A. Johnston.

Hi John, thank you for taking the time to provide us a 5-star recommendation! We are so happy to know that you have a good experience with our team.

 by Ken Taylor
If I could give him 10 stars I would

I had a slow growing bone tumor on the top of my right wrist. I went to a recommended Dr close by where I live in the colleyville/southlake area. The dr seemed fine- I thought he seemed like a good surgeon but the system they had set up - I got the feeling- they were more interested in how much money they could make rather than simply taking care of my (1-2 hour) outpatient problem. Drs. DESERVE to be highly compensated for all their training, responsibilities and sacrifice, However, periphery services(the group may be invested in)taking a ‘hard sell’ advantage is a different matter. I searched about another year to find the ‘right’ surgeon. Thru due diligence I found Dr Wroten. My only hesitation was - he was on the other side of Ft Wth...but decided to make an appointment and check his practice out. IM GLAD I DID! I’ve probably not (that I can remember) ever met a more ‘down to earth’ doctor. His staff & choice surgery center were both fantastic. They provided extra care with follow up and professionally performed before, during and after the procedure. Now...Dr Wroten. I deal with many different types of people in my work/business dealings and feel like I know ‘people’ fairly well. Dr Wroten not only is a HIGHLY trained surgeon but a wonderful human being. If I could give him 10 stars- I would. I hardly ever write reviews- but I’m compelled to do so for Dr Wroten, his staff and surgical affiliates. I feel they are exceptionally unique. If you have ANY issues or a problem with your hand/s or wrist/s....Dr Wroten should (at least) be included in your list/selection of your specialty physician - for treatment and/or surgery.

Dr. Wroten and our entire team appreciates your 5-star rating, Ken! We are honored you chose Fort Worth Hand Center to provide medical care and surgery. We are so pleased that you are on your journey to healing.

 by Sarah Bryan
Very kind and great surgery

Dr. Reardon was very understanding about my hand condition and the situation I was in to get it treated quickly and efficiently. He worked around my schedule, and once I got surgery, the healing process was so quick and really quite painless. I highly suggest him to anyone with insecurities or reservations about consulting doctors, as he will listen to you and help you completely understand what you are experiencing.

Hi Sarah, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We are delighted that you rate Dr. Reardon and our team as 5 star!

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